Wednesday, April 29, 2009



Arlen Spector's recent defection to the Democratic Party underscores why we need term limits. Senators and Congressman get elected and go into office without a pot to pee in and come out multimillionaires. That is one reason we need term limits

Their ability to accumulate money which only goes to aid in the accumulation of power ensconces our legislators in an almost heredity right to a position in their minds. Power not only corrupts but it insulates the legislator from the true feelings and position of the people.

Where do they get the money? The military industrial complex, corporations, foreign governments, anyone who has the money that feels they can influence a vote. The legislator gets this money as "contributions". Contributions my aunt fanny, this is outright bribery! It is also traitorous. They won't investigate themselves, so who can do it.

Only you using your vote can make changes. Vote incumbents out of office, Vote for representatives that you can trust to initiate some type of term limits legislation.

Our government has become corrupt because of money and the quest for power.

Arlen Spector is just the tip of the iceberg. Just think of your senator or congressman and see what his assets were before being elected and if he has been there more than 2 terms check his net worth.

I think you will be surprised and how self aggrandizing these people have become.


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  1. It's the way it has always been - why would anything change now?