Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties

What do you think of National (NBC, CBS, ABC, & FOX) Coverage of the Tea Parties?

I was involved in one and I can truly say they were not "ORGANIZED" nor funded by any outside group!

National Media)NBC, CBS, ABC) haven't got a clue!

I am beginning to wonder if leftists/liberals who consider themselves so educated....really are!

The obviously haven't read the Constitution, and have lost touch with the "silent" majority, which is not going to remain silent very much longer. I am afraid we are headed for a violent confrontation between "old fashion" American Values and the Liberal leftists who do not "let a good chrisis go to waste".

What do YOU think?

This is your forum!

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  1. The Tea Parties in southeast Louisiana were groups of law-abiding and tax-paying citizens who are highly concerned about the level of federal spending. They realize that the previous administration greatly increased the deficit, but also that the current powers to be are on the tax and spend express. It is every American's right to peacefully assemble to make their voice heard. God Bless America.

  2. The best tool you have besides the Tea Parties is YOUR VOTE!

    VOTE all encumbents out of office, especially those that are LAWYERS!