Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Another attempt is being made to limit YOUR Freedoms by the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.

Senate Bill 778 Establishes a National Cybersecurity Advisor, ANOTHER CZAR!

This position will have the power to draw on other Agencies within the Federal Govt. as written in section 7 of the bill

EXCERPT from the Bill;
(7) may consult with Federal departments, agencies, and other entities, and draw upon their resources in connection with the performance of the Advisor's functions, and assign to the head of any such department, agency, or entity the performance of duties incidental to the administration of laws of the United States relating to cybersecurity to the extent not inconsistent with the performance of their official duties.

Let me Summarize, the "Internet Czar" will have the power to use the FBI, NSA, BATF and any other agency in the Federal Government to monitor and assign duties to these agencies concerning "cybersecurity".

I see this as an attempt by the Federal Government to CONTROL the Internet and gather information on YOU, the citizen of this country AND is a VIOLATION OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

S. 778 Introduced by Sens. Rockefeller, Snowe, Nelson
To establish, within the Executive Office of the President, the Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor

full text of the BILL S.778 at

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