Sunday, May 3, 2009

Irritated Obama 'Stares Down' Reporter

Obama gave a typical liberal answer when posed a question during a visit to the Press Room in the White House. This shows his arrogance and unwillingness to have a "transparent" administration. It also shows his elitism and lack of REAL communications skills. If he had a teleprompter he may have answered the question. Obama is a puppet, but who pulls the strings? You decide!

"WASHINGTON -- President Obama paid a surprise visit to members of the White House press corps Thursday evening when he walked through their working area of the West Wing, but he quickly became agitated when he was confronted with a question by one of the journalists.
According to reports, when the Politico's Jonathan Martin asked the president about his nominee for deputy secretary of defense, William Lynn, Obama refused to answer, saying he was not there to take questions.

"I came down here to visit. I didn't come down here -- this is what happens. I can't end up visiting you guys and shaking hands if I am going to grilled every time I come down here," the president said.: Link to full Story here:

What do you think of the Obama's lack of preparedness when facing the press without a prepared script?


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